Sometimes, you want to sell your home quickly. Maybe you need to move into your new home ASAP to start a new job, or perhaps you need more time to make a cross-country move. Or maybe you just want to wrap things up with your old house so you can move on with your life. No matter the reason, if you want to sell your home quickly, you need to approach the sale differently than if you have all the time in the world. Here are five secrets to helping you sell your home faster.

Ask the Right Price

Overpriced homes will stay on the market because the asking price is more than buyers are willing to pay. When you price your home right, buyers will jump onto the offer, especially in a seller’s market. An agent can help you set the right price for your home to make sure it sells quickly.

Keep Your House Squeaky Clean

Even just one dirty spot will distract buyers from the true value of your home. Give your home a thorough deep cleaning. Pay special attention to baseboards, countertops, shelves, corners, and doors since those areas can easily get overlooked. Consider working with a professional cleaning company to save you even more time.

Stage Your Home

Staging not only can help your home sell for more, but it can also help it sell faster. Staging your home is especially important if you’ve already moved from your home and have nothing but empty space. Professional home stagers can help potential buyers see beyond what your home currently is to what it could be.

Get Professional Home Photos Taken

High-quality photos can draw more potential buyers to your home and make it more desirable. Additionally, a study by Zillow shows that homes with less than nine pictures are 20% less likely to sell in 60 days than homes with 22–27 pictures. When it comes to real estate photography, less isn’t more.

Accommodate Showings

When you limit your showing, you limit your potential buyers. While it might not be possible to give every showing that potential buyers ask for, be as flexible as you can. Keep the house as clean as possible so buyers can tour your home at a moment’s notice. Additionally, buyers will see your flexibility as a sign that you’ll be easy to work with if they do decide to buy the home.

When you want to sell your home in the fastest way possible, be sure to set a reasonable asking price, stage your home, get professional photos done, keep your home clean, and accommodate showings. Working with a real estate agent or broker will help immensely with this process. Real estate agents like those at Heber City & Midway Real Estate have a wealth of real estate experience to help you get a faster selling time (and the best price!) for your home.