At first glance, the idea of home staging may seem like a poor use of money and time that could be used towards other goals. After all, isn’t the open space of a clean and ready property more appealing than a home or apartment filled with someone else’s furniture? Believe it or not, home staging is not only an effective way to advertise the possible layout and design of a home, but it can also have a positive influence on the property’s selling timeframe and final price.

When selling your home, is home staging really worth it? The numbers are pretty clear: absolutely yes.

What Is Home Staging?

Put simply, home staging is the “advertising” of the interior of your property. Taking advantage of brand-new furniture and modern design, home staging should show potential buyers that the space holds potential for actual living. Some people can look at an empty living room and see their design in their mind’s eye immediately. But for the majority of home buyers, viewing a property as a functional living space is invaluable in making that most important decision.

Home staging is especially helpful for properties that feature irregular construction or minor flaws that would sour anyone upon a first impression. However, the idea is less about concealing problems and more about offering creative decorating solutions that can help home buyers imagine what life would feel like in the home.

The Cost of Staging Versus the Results

Admittedly, deciding to professionally advertise your property with a home-staged design is situational. It’s all up to your budget and your discretion. DIY home staging is possible, but inexperienced sellers that set up furniture without much thought can end up doing more harm than good. Hiring a professional interior designer is a great option, albeit an expensive one in some cases. You can cut this cost down by only staging a few rooms, such as the living room and the kitchen. If you have any concerns, talking to your realtor is encouraged, as the condition of the housing market can also be a variable in the decision.

The average results of home staging, however, are indisputable. According to the National Association of Realtors, every $100 put into staging a property provides a potential return of $400. Imagine your property selling for four times its market price! The reality is less extreme, of course, with most staged homes selling for 6% to 20% more and almost 50% faster.

A Clean Presentation That Inspires the Imagination

It is difficult to imagine living in an empty room. The prospect of moving into a new home is hard enough without being able to compare a current home with a fully furnished future. Home staging is not meant to demonstrate an unrealistic version of your property. On the contrary, a staged home shows your potential buyer the potential design and layout options that might have when they sign on the dotted line.

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