Selling your home can be a difficult and long process. Finding the right buyer can take time, but if it’s taking too long, there might be some underlying problems that you need to address.

How much time is too much time? Well, a good rule of thumb is if your house has been on the market for more than a month, but it can take longer in certain areas. Research the average time it takes in your area and use that as an estimate.

A house that has been on the market for longer than 30 days also makes potential buyers wary—they wonder what’s wrong with it that makes no one else want it. It’s like the last doughnut in the box: it’s been sitting on the counter for so long that everyone is wondering if it’s stale.

The Price Is Too High

This is a trap many sellers fall into. It’s easy to value a home you’ve lived in and loved for so long at a higher price than it’s worth. This will lose you a lot of potential customers, especially if the price is significantly higher than other homes in your neighborhood.

Consult a reputable real estate agent; they will give you expert advice on how much your house should be for its size and location. Repost your ad with the new price and you’ll see a big difference.

The Staging Is Bad

Staging means the way each room of the house is set up so that a potential buyer can visualize it coming to life. This will require a few pretty props and set pieces, lots of natural light, and great camera angles. You might have to do some yard work if you’re also putting up pictures of the yard. It doesn’t have to look glamorous or like it’s out of a magazine, but it does need to look neat, clean, and comfortable.

Hire a real estate agent and a professional photographer to help with the staging so that you can showcase your home in the best light. Pictures really do speak louder than words.

Your Home Is Unique

Some homes are the exceptions that don’t apply to the one-month sale rule. Either because of their unique location, size, or shape, it may be hard to find buyers. A unique home isn’t for everybody, which means that you have to wait for that special buyer to come along.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do in this situation except wait. Don’t make plans that rely on the sale of this house for them to come through. It’ll happen; all you need is patience.

Hire a Good Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent worth their salt will see these and any other potential problems your property may have that bar their sale. An agent has lots of data and stats at their disposal and can give you good advice based on their experience. The real estate agents at Heber City Midway Real Estate have the experience and knowledge to help your house sell in no time. Contact us today to sell your home without the hassle.